What to Write in a Blog that People Will Want To Read

If you want to be a successful blogger you need to build an audience who will follow you because of your content.

People will keep on coming back to your blog if they like your style and the specific topics that you write about. How to get more traffic on your blog?

This means that you need to connect and engage with your audience through your writing and invite interaction through comments.

An important part of your blog is the homepage. This is the first thing that people see so you need to make a good first impression.

Apart from the design and visuals of your site, the About Me section lets your readers know who you are and why you are writing.

This helps you connect with your readers and adds a personal touch to your content.

Another aspect of a good blog is well-organized posts. If you want your articles to be found on the internet, you have to categorize them effectively.

You can also add a blogroll to let your readers see what you like among other websites. Since your audience follows your content, there is a big chance that you have similar interests that are related to what you write about.

If you want to achieve a snowball effect, you can advertise your most popular posts on the sidebar of your blog. Other favorite sidebar items are links to recent comments, archives of past articles, and a search box.

Maximize the other parts of your blog that can give information like your header, footer and RSS feeds.

Write Good Content

People want content that is fresh and honest. This can stem from a subject that you are passionate about.

If you write from your heart, you can touch people’s emotions and connect on a personal level. This may lead them to follow you and your content and may also share your content.

Make your posts interesting and enjoyable. People love to be entertained apart from being informed.

Things To Avoid

As a blogger, you should be aware that there are several legal issues that you can face if you don’t follow established guidelines.


Copyright laws protect the original author of a work like written text, image, video or audio clip.

You can’t republish another person’s article or blog post and claim it as your own. This is plagiarism and is a copyright violation.

You can’t use an image or video or audio clip on your blog unless you created it or you were given the permission to use it from the creator.

The image may have been copyrighted with a license that allows others to use it.

There are different copyright licenses with various restrictions of how, when and where images and copyrighted materials can be used on another’s site.

There are exceptions to the copyright law under the umbrella of “fair use” which is considered the gray area of the copyright law.

The safest options for bloggers when using images, video, and audio is to use sources that give royalty-free licensed works or works that have Creative Commons licenses.


Trademarks are given by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and are used to protect your intellectual property in commerce.

Company names, product names, brand names, and logos are usually trademarked to make sure competitors don’t use the same names.

If you simply refer to trademarked names to support your opinions, then it is ok. Using a brand name or logo to mislead visitors that you are affiliated with the trademark owner or represent them will get you into trouble.


Libel is another case that can be filed against you when you blog. You can’t publish untrue information about anyone or anything that could destroy the person or thing’s reputation.

It does not matter if no one comes to your blog, if you publish false information about a person or entity, you have broken the law and committed libel. If you have no evidence of your claims on your blog, then don’t publish them at all.

Privacy laws apply to activities from your blog. You can’t capture information about your readers and share or sell them.

The Can-Spam act to email protects people from receiving mass emails without their consent. You should give them an opt-in to receive an email from you via your contact form.

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