How To Write A Blog


Have you ever thought about writing your own blog? This may be your first time to write one or you have been blogging for quite some time now.

You may ask yourself, am I doing things the right way?

There are so many tips on how to write a blog for writers and there are good advice and some not so good. It can be confusing for many and at times frustrating.

For those who have been doing it for years, learning from experience counts a lot in knowing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to writing a blog.

Here are some tips that have been proven to increase page views and make you successful in blogging.

The first thing that you need to do is know your niche category and focus on it. Ask yourself who your target audience is?

Once you have this settled you can now focus on writing and become an expert in your chosen category.

Bloggers should be able to relate to and connect with their audience. This is the difference between a news article and a blog post. Newsfeed articles are written in the third person while a blog is more personal. Readers can know who you are because your personality and voice will come out when you blog.

News articles like are all about reporting something while blogging is sharing something of value to you personally and hoping it will benefit others who read your post.  

You should also use links within your posts. You can link to other blogs or sites that contain great information or you can link to your own past articles. This will boost your clicks and also page rankings on Google and other search engines.

Readers are now drawn to images more than text so you must include images that will visually prove or back up what you are writing.

Engaging with your audience through the comments section of your blog will help in your PR efforts. You don’t have to reply to every comment but chose the ones that you think may benefit you in the future. Look out for influential people who comment on your post and make sure you respond to them even if it is just to say “thank you for reading your blog.”

Use social media to share your blog posts. This is a great tool to get your content out to more people. Family and friends can also help you by sharing your post on their wall on Facebook which will make your post visible to all their friends and so on.

You should also set a schedule of when to post and stick to it. If you can write twice a week or once every week that would be fine. It is hard to post daily and you don’t really have to.

The quality of your content is more important than length. If you have nothing more to say then end your post and keep it short and simple. There are some topics which require longer posts and you should not limit yourself either. People don’t like fluff in order to meet a word count quota. Long posts are also ok as long as they get value from what they are reading.

Make sure to correct grammar mistakes immediately. Before posting you can use free tools to check for spelling and grammar. Readers are lenient when it comes to typo errors, but correcting them should be done as soon as you discover them.

Your audience will support you if they see that you do things professionally and with excellence. Take advantage of technology by using tools that can help you make things easier.

People love reading content that can inform and inspire them. Negative posts are not recommended unless that is the purpose of your blog.

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