How To Submit Your Website To Search Engines

ECommerce is a booming industry and you have finally decided to join the fray. You have an awesome website that you expect to be a money-making machine.

One thing is certain, publishing your website is not enough. If you don’t have an online marketing plan in place, then you are doomed to fail.

The key is to drive as much traffic to your website as possible in order for your brand to be known. There are ways to do this like Social Media Marketing – the importance of design in social media, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine submission is another tool that you can use for your online promotion. You can do this free SEO submission yourself. All you have to do is directly submit your website to a search engine. This can greatly help in your SEO efforts.

It is, however, better to do this submission manually especially to Google, Yahoo and Bing because this is what they prefer. The top search engines have chosen the manual submission as the best practice to avoid a whole lot of spam from automated and free SEO submission software.

Manually submitting your website for indexing does not mean that it will appear on top of the rankings. You are just informing them that your website exists and that you would want it to be a part of their index.

Submitting to the major search engines should be the top priority, but this does not mean that you will overlook the lesser search engines. They may have less traffic than Google but they still have millions of users.

It takes from two to four weeks for your website to be indexed upon your submission. There are times when your URL or domain name will not get listed if ever this happens, you need to wait for four weeks and then resubmit your page again.

Try to change things a bit, do SEO on your page and resubmit to the search engines. You are allowed to submit your website a maximum of two times a month until you get listed.

How To Submit To Google
This is quick and easy to do, you just need to go to Google’s web page for URL submission. Once you are there, all you need to do is type in your URL, confirm that you are a person and not a software robot usually via captcha and then click “add URL.”

You can also use their Webmaster Tools to submit your sitemap as well.

How To Submit To Yahoo And Bing
Beginning in 2010, Yahoo search has been powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Yahoo used to have a paid submission process before, but now submission to Bing will also get you listed on Yahoo.

Bing submission is as quick and simple as Google. You need to open a Bing account and log in. Once inside, you must go to Webmaster Tools. Simply type in your URL and press “submit.” Prepare your URL for the .xml version of your sitemap because this will be part of the first step in submitting.

After submission, you will have to verify ownership of the URL. Be prepared to add a snippet of code to the header of your site in order to pass this process. Once you get verification, you are done.

There are some experts who believe that submission to search engines are no longer required. This is because the majority of search engines do crawling and indexing by following links. This means that a single inbound link from any page that is already indexed will identify your page to the search engine.

Search engine submission is quick and easy, it won’t hurt if you still do this as a complement to your SEO content and link building activities

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