Avoid Search Engine Submission Scams

The long-standing question is do I need to submit my website to search engines? A lot of people are still confused as to whether or not they need to do this for SEO purposes. Times have changed and we all know that technology evolves at such a fast pace.

There is no longer any need to submit your website to search engines. Companies who charge for search engine submissions are scamming you. Even the free SEO submission software and tools are useless. Stay away from these services because these can actually do more harm to your website than good.

Search engine submission simply means you are inviting a search engine to index your website or include you on their list. This process does not improve your ranking or bring more traffic to your website. Companies who guarantee indexing for a fee are mixing it up for you to think that indexing means a higher ranking. The old reliable SEO tactics of high-quality content creation and link building are still the best ways to invest in if you want your website to rank higher.

Getting indexed does not need search engine submission. One link from another indexed webpage is all you need to get indexed. It’s that simple really, no need for free SEO submission software and tools. The worst thing is, there are people who pay for this submission software and tools.

There is no harm in search engine submissions, this can be done quickly and easily. It would take you no more than 5 minutes to manually submit your domain or URL to the top 3 search engines. You also have to take note that this is 100% free. The only time that you need to pay a search engine is when you avail of their PPC or pay per click ads where you appear in the search sections.

Most of the smaller search engines are fed by the big three or are owned by them. This means that if you are indexed in one then you can expect to be indexed in all.

Companies who offer to submit your website to a thousand or hundreds of thousands of search engines are part of the scam.

Submission services may also ask for a trading of links. If you allow their logo to be placed on your website, Google will penalize you because they do not allow buying or exchanging of links for a service. Links should be acquired naturally without payment and asking.

Top 10 Search Engines
We all know about the big 3 when it comes to search engines. Who has not heard of Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Yahoo has been using the search engine of Microsoft’s Bing since 2011. Google is still King with a 74.52% of searches, Bing is at a far 2nd with 7.98%. Google is also dominating the mobile search engine market share at 93%.

There are smaller search engines that may not be as popular but still serve millions of searches per day.

Ask.com is the number 4 search engine at a 0.05% market share. It is based on a question and answer format where other users answer most of the questions.

The old reliable AOL.com is at number 5 with a 0.04% share of the market. AOL has grown its network to include popular sites like engadget.com and the huffingtonpost.com.

The most popular search engine in China comes at number 6. Baidu started in 2000 and is serving around a billion searches per month.

WolframAlpha is at number 7 and they market themselves as a Computational Knowledge Engine that can give you data and facts plus do some computations.

DuckDuckGo slips in at number 8 with its spot clean interface but is limited to one page of results. There are a few ads and it does not track users.

Internet Archive and Yander.ru round up number 9 and 10 on our list. Yander operates the biggest search engine in Russia

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