An Overview of Fiction Writing Blogs

Fiction writing blogs are part of creative writing. The fiction genre attracts many readers because of the original nature of the story that the fiction blog writer posts on the blog. In fiction writing, a writer’s opinion is placed under the microscopic lens of critical thinking, analysis, and imagination.

Blog writers who attempt to create a fiction story do so on the basis that their blog can be recognized or even singled out as unique, a part of an “exclusive” genre of the purely personal and imaginative material of the writer. If you are interested in becoming a fiction blogger, read the posted articles on copyblogger where most of the content directly refer to the creative type of writing.

There is fiction writer K.M. Weiland’s tagline in “helping writers become authors,” which shows that she has put a lot of creative writing into her work and also understands how to create an idea in the headline in her site WordPlay. She has offered advice to fiction writers for the improvement of their craft and including reading guides and other material for readers.

Most of what attracts readers are blogs on romance, thriller and mystery themes. Writers of other genres can also appreciate the blog stories of other writers coming from the fiction area.
The “Romance University” according to copyblogger a fascinating site to help romance writers in both the genre fiction and non-fiction, especially for male writers. It’s a site where writers can meet and publish their work and interact with each other to improve creative writing.

Fiction-based blogs are also personal blogs written by a seasoned writer and well shared with specific audiences on the web can tailor your image or product to the particular goal that you want. Personal blog writing incorporates the modern way of feature writing, except that in an own blog, a writer’s observations may dominate the article written.

A blog writer in the fiction genre needs to have some knowledge and experience in the different aspects of life especially about relationships in friendship, love, work or even in business. Fiction oriented personal blogs attract more readers especially those who are interested in personal relationships, and the experience or perception of the writer about the outcome of relationships. There is a readership crowd out there for fiction writing blogs. Young people within a particular age bracket, for instance, are inclined to read romantic novels more than techno blogs.

AdvancedFictionWriting by Randy Ingermanson, tagged as “America’s mad professor of fiction writing says fiction writers must confront the fear of writing based on two kinds of fears: rational fear and emotive fear. These fears, once faced can be used as psychological props to propel the story of the writer towards specific fiction story goals. Fiction expresses the emotional concerns of the writer in the form of a creative story.


Fiction writing and novel blog writing are two sides of the same coin so to speak. The Now Novel site for novel-based bloggers offers a guide on how to write a scene, which is the first step in novel or fiction writing. Writing scenes based on the writer’s imagination become the components for the completion of a blog story with its characters and story plot.

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